Why should we use trademark registration service?

Sustainable Brand Protection

Not being infringed by competitors, to build a sustainable brand in the future.

Establishment of Ownership

Being protected & having full rights to own, use and exploit for commercial interests.

Increasing Brand Value

Building customers and partners’ trust in the corporate reputation.

Professionalism Affirmation

Showing the fact that your business puts a serious focus on buiding up a prestige and sustainable brand.

Trademark protection - Long-term value affirmation

A Logo with full copyright can be sustainably & exclusively used in a long time and ability to protect the brand against the risks of vandalism, counterfeiting, unfair competition from other competitors.

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Our process

At Happy Creative, Clients will be consulted and supported in a professional process:

Consulting before registering for trademark protection

Checking and evaluating the legal status

Representing Clients to complete the registration

Notifying of results

Handing over papers

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