Sales Kit, also known as sales publication, provides full information about products and services.

Designing an impressive, professional, unique Sales Kit is one of the key points determining the success of the business to boost sales.

A set of Sales Kit includes

  • Name card
  • Letter head
  • Large and small envelope.
  • File Folder
  • Brochure
  • Catalog
  • Quotation.
  • Flyer
  • CD (CD Cover, CD Box).
  • Vouchure
  • Pin
  • Name card box.
  • Paper bags and other materials.

Why it is important to have a professional Sales Kit?

Increasing reach rate up to 200%

Provide complete and detailed information about the company, its industry, and its products, thereby helping to impress and attract partners and customers.

Supporting sales team

Make a professional first impression on customers to boost sales rate.

Showing business image

Show professional & proper brand preparation, increasing brand awareness in the market.

Becoming a powerful marketing tool

Promote brands, services, products to customers.

Building brand trust

Receive high aprreciation and trust from customers.

Impressive Sales Kit to attract consumers

With a set of Sales Kit that has been researched and created to impress customers, it is completely possible to boost sales rate!

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