Professional and differentiated advertising poster design

Poster design is a highly creative service that covers powerful and attractive communication messages to promote the brand, increase brand awareness and boost sales. Advertising posters are applied to OHH Marketing – outdoor advertising, including signages, LCD screens in elevators, airports, … or large printed on outdoor panels, …

Why is it important to have a professional poster design?

Increasing brand awareness

Thanks to the brand identity from design to specification.

Advertising brand image

Provide potential customers with all useful information of brand and products.

Saving on marketing costs

Increase effectiveness for product communication and marketing campaigns.

Making impression

Make a good impression on partners and customers to gain their interest in business.

Conveying brand messages

Convey brand information, message to partners and customers.

Build brand trust

Receive high aprreciation and trust from customers.

Expanding the Market - Reaching new customers

Using Poster in OHH marketing campaigns is the most natural way that increases brand strength & boost sales.

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Our Process

With the sustainability mindset, Happy Creative focuses on our Clients’ customers & take advantage of creativity in design to deliver optimal solutions through 8 steps:


Nhận yêu cầu


Nghiên cứu chuyên sâu


Ra ý tưởng


Phác thảo


Trình bày


Chỉnh sửa theo phản hồi khách hàng


Thực thi


Hoàn thiện và bàn giao

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