Marketing campaign consulting

Building a Marketing campaign plays an extremely important role in business development, helping to implement professional & creative ideas through activities:

  • Marketing research and analysis
  • Marketing campaigns & business strategies planning
  • Marketing plan developing
  • Campaign budget managing, marketing channels developing

3Marketing campaign consulting at Happy Creative includes:

Market research analyzing

Evaluate industry, analyze potential customers and direct competitors in the industry. Analyze current situation and orient the appropriate plan.

Marketing Campaign Planning

Apply market research results to detailed marketing plans, form a close “backbone” to implement effective marketing campaigns.

Marketing budget management

Manage marketing activities within the required budget yet ensuring efficiency.

Marketing campaign implementing

Implement & keep a close eye on each stage to ensure effectiveness.

What can you be beneficial from our Marketing compaign consulting at Happy Creative?

Report & evaluation on the market and business’s current communication status.

Creativity in planning & Unique ideas in implementing.

Effective plans for marketing budget & suitable channel suggestion.

Revenue growth thanks to sales marketing campaign.

Brand value enhancement based on deatailed and thoughtful plans in bringing brand message to customers.

Effective Marketing Campaigns To push sales

We provide creative marketing campaign plans based on business goals to increase revenue & achieve brand positioning.

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Our process

With the sustainability mindset, Happy Creative focuses on our Clients’ customers & take advantage of creativity in design to deliver optimal solutions through the following steps:






Result Analysis

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