According to a study,


of customers make a decision to buy a product thanks to its beautiful packaging.

But in fact, up to


of products on the market have packaging design with these drawbacks

  • Rough, outdated, lack of aesthetics.
  • Too similar to the competition.
  • Not be able to touch customers’ feelings.
  • Fail to mke an impression on customers.
  • Not compatible with the product quality.
  • Fail to build trust with customers.4:55 pm

So what is the best cosmetic packaging design solution for your products?

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Why it is important to have a cosmestic packaging & label design?

Increase revenue

Increase the rate of effective sales.

Increasing brand awareness

Thanks to the brand identity from design to specification.

Saving on marketing costs

Increase effectiveness for product communication and marketing campaigns.

Increasing competitiveness on the shelves

Increase brand identity, occupy the right position in consumers' minds.

Conveying product quality

Inform product information, message & quality to cosumers.

Building brand trust

Receive high aprreciation and trust from customers.

Stimulate 200% sales up to

Happy Creative provides innovative packaging & label design services with high quality. We use results in market research and consumer behavior to increasing sales & promote demand with friendly, impressive and extremely professional designs.

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Our process

With the sustainability mindset, Happy Creative focuses on our Clients’ customers & take advantage of creativity in design to deliver optimal solutions through 8 steps:









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