Solutions to create an impressive company profile

A truly invested company profile incorporating creativity will become impressive enough to stand out in any bidding war with a double win rate.

Company profile design service at Happy Creative provides businesses with a creative, strategic and professional way to introduce and promote their capabilities to customers and partners.

Compilation of Content

Happy Creative is responsible for compiling with a professional content system, helping businesses to convey their full message of vision, mission and capacity in a creative way.

Creative Design

Company profile will be implemented in a professional and creative way according to Clients’ requirement.

Professional Photography

Happy Creative will prepare everything from the script, concept to staffs to bring out the most beautiful and creative photos.

Print & Production Management

We do a research to find the most reputable and highest quality printer and manufacturer, select materials & monitor the progress to hand over the best quality products to Clients.

Why is it important to have a professional company profile?

Increase 200% of winning rate in project bidding.

Easliy and Effectively show products/ services to customers/ partners.

Persuade and prove capacity with partners in every bidding.

Raise brand value, show outstanding capabilities over competitors

Be a perfect and effective marketing tool and solution to promote brand name, product quality, and service.

Make Strong Impressions 200% Increase Chance of Winning Bids

Effective marketing tool imprints brand name with investor partners.

Increase chances of closing orders, successfully winning bids.

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Our process

With a mindset of sustainable branding including creativity in design, we deliver optimal solutions for company profile through 6 steps:

Brief receiving

Consult and receive basic requirements about profile design

Research and content orientation

Do research on businesses and competitors to effectively and appropriately outline the profile content orientation.

Content and image preparation

Ensure professional images for use in design basing on thr research results.

Design and page layout concept

Combine unique and professional design style to create the profile as committed.

Feedback and edit

Receive feedback and finalize the design.

Printing support and handover management

Give recommendation on printing materials suitable for the cost of the business, ensure the best quality and hand over packaging to customers row.

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