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The story of rebrand – logo & brand identity redesign…

The story of rebrand – logo & brand identity redesign

As one of designer brands in Hue City, Ech Op originates from the desire of bringing woman a sense of confidence, dynamism & defining their personal style. It's important for a branding agency like us to be on the same page with our client and understand the 'soul' of brand. Therefore, Ech Op’s message & the natual origin of its materials (which are from linen, silk) have been great inspirations for us to design the brand identity. By throughout using Green color - the feeling of safety imprints in customers’ mind whenever they dress up Ech Op fashion items.


We use Lotus leaf – a symbol closely related to the Frog in Logo image as the Key Visual for the whole brand identity system. This contributes to show the natural origin of its products and the basic yet elegant fashion style that the brand specializes. Besides, Lotus represents the beauty of women, and the strong will for brand development. Happy Creative is eager to renew Ech Op brand identity to a professional and classy image that is able to impact on customers’ choices & brand development.

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